Modification On-Site or Off-Site

We provide on/offsite modifications for any changes needed to your packaging including: replacing dunnage, removing dunnage for container reuse, modify dunnage, welding, painting, steel removal, stencil changes, RFID tag addition, etc.

Benefits of On-Site Modification:

• Save $$$ on freight
• Increase efficiency
• No need to send containers away
• Always know status of container being modified or
• Container can be added back into the loop when
• Modifications are completed faster – shortened timing
• Transportation eliminated
• Crew focused only on specific modification rather
than multiple jobs at a rack fabricator

Project Management

We are a full service automotive packaging supplier that can provide design through production of various commodities such as steel racks, injection molded dunnage, vacform dunnage, plastic corrugated, sewn bags, and foam.