We are a full service automotive packaging supplier that can provide design through production of various commodities such as Steel racks, injection molded dunnage, vacform dunnage, plastic corrugated, sewn bags, foam. We can also provide onsite returnable modifications.

Shipping Racks

Nothing surpasses the convenience of shipping racks when it comes to transferring goods. We provide heavy-duty and light-duty shipping racks at Contec, which are commonly used for handling and shipping.

Thermoform / Vacuumform

Listed below are some of our thermoforming capabilities:

  • Single and twin sheet thermoforming
  • Heavy gage thermoforming
  • CNC mold manufacturing and trimming.
  • Vacuum forming
  • Pressure forming
  • Compression molding

Injection Molded Dunnage

Sewn Bags

We provide custom fabric pouch assemblies and tote liners for in-process and returnable material handling systems to our customers.

Benefits of Fabric Dunnage:

  • No tooling required
  • Increased part nesting capability
  • Returnable system eliminates expendable dunnage
  • Dunnage collapses and self contains within tote or bulk bin
  • Fabric solutions can be developed to fit into existing or metal racks
  • No more loose packaging dunnage


Coming soon.

Plastic Corrugate